Poxclin Coolmousse 100ml Chickenpox treatment

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Poxclin Coolmousse 100ml.


Poxclin Coolmousse is used in the treatment of Chickenpox in children.


It provides: Instant itch relief . Direct cooling and soothing relief Helps to prevent scarring which may be caused by itching. Contains natural ingredients.


Directions: Apply at least 3 times daily or whenever relief is desired. For added cooling relief, store Poxclin in the fridge. For external use on the skin only.


Ingredients: Poxclin Coolmousse contains the “QR complex, a patented bacterial blocker derived from the plant Aloe Barbedensis. 2QR blocks bacteria by creating a physical barrier between the bacteria and the skin. The barrier provided by 2QR prevents bacteria from colonising the skin and causing bacterial infection by reducing the chances of infection. PoxClin Coolmousse supports the skin's natural healing process and helps prevent scarring.


Scarring may be the result of scratching caused by infection and related itching. PoxClin has an instant cooling effect on the skin. The instant cooling action is caused by the evaporation of the foam on the skin, which is accelerated by the Laureth-9 incorporated in the product. The cooling of the skin relieves the itching and irritation thereby reducing the urge to scratch, preventing possible damage of the skin.
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