Baby Bottles and Teats

We stock a variety of baby feeding bottles and teats from different manufacturers such as Cow & Gate, SMA, Nuby, Avent, Tommee Tippee, MAM and Dr Browns

We also have a large selection of baby milk formula, both ready to use such as the Aptamil 1 70ml bottles, Cow & Gate First and Nutriprem as well as the traditional powdered formula such as Wysoy, Aptamil Pepti, Nutriprem, Nutramigin and Neocate
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Discover the Joy of Effortless Feeding & Convenience with Our Baby Bottles

When it comes to caring for your child, nothing is more important than ensuring they have the best feeding equipment. Baby bottles and teats are essential tools in this journey, providing comfort, convenience, and safety for both parents and babies. At Roche’s Chemist, we take pride in providing high-quality baby bottles and teats that prioritise the health of your baby and in being able to show you which manufacturers teats are interchangeable.
Experience the seamless transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding with our soft, flexible silicone teats. Designed to mimic the feel of a mother's breast, they provide comfort and familiarity for your baby, ensuring a smooth feeding experience.

Our assortment includes a wide variety of baby feeding basics sourced from reputable suppliers, providing quality and choice for our consumers. We provide a variety of newborn bottles and teats from reputable brands such as Cow & Gate, SMA, Nuby, Avent, Tommee Tippee, MAM, and Dr. Browns that are tailored to different preferences and needs.

We also realise the necessity of providing the option of baby milk formula. While breast feeding is the preferred choice for children under 6 months, we also have a diverse range of ready-to-use and powdered formula for use when breat feeding is not possible . For individuals who prefer convenience, we have ready-to-use solutions, including Aptamil 1 in 70ml bottles, Cow & Gate First, SMA PRO, SMA Gold Prem and Nutriprem. Designed for comfort, safety, and convenience, buy our baby bottles to ensure a happy feeding experience for both babies and parents.

Indulge Your Little One with the Finest Newborn Bottles

Cow And Gate Pre-Term Bottle Teats X 24 - Fits All 70ml And 90ml

Cow & Gate provides individually wrapped, sterilised pre-term teats that are specifically created for premature babies. These teats screw straight onto Ready to Feed (RTF) 70ml and 90ml bottles that are used in maternity hospitals throughout the country, providing a guarantee of sterility. They areintended for one-time use, saving time, and can be useful in the middle of the night or in travel scenarios.

SMA Latex ( Yellow Neck ) Anti-Colic Teats X 100 - Sterile - Fits 70ml, 90ml

NUK provides sterile orthodontic latex teats specifically intended for SMA Ready-to-Use milk bottles. These teats work with a variety of SMA formulae, including SMA Pro First Infant Milk, SMA High Energy, SMA Gold Prem 2 as well as Aptamil 1 and Cow & Gate First. To keep this product in good condition, store it away from direct sunlight. Trust NUK's expertise to ensure easy compatibility and consistent performance with SMA.

Sterifeed Latex Free Feeding Teats X 24 - Sterile - Premature / Standard  / Orthodontic– Breast Feeding Series

Sterifeed bottles are suitable for preserving milk and can survive freezing temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. They are designed to fit flawlessly with the Sterifeed bottle range ( 100ml and 250ml) offered on this website. Each teat is hygienically sealed to ensure sterility until unwrapped. The teats are multipurpose and suitable with Aptamil, Cow & Gate, and SMA. Ready-to-use 70ml and 90ml bottles. Sterifeed provides dependable storage solutions with global compatibility. Grab the best newborn bottle teats from Roche’s Chemist. The bottles with green lids are sterile and designed for one off use but the bottles with purple lids can be washed and re-reused.

Dr Browns Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle 150ml

The breast-like teat shape provides clinically proven relief for colic, burping, and wind. These Dr Browns baby bottles for newborns are versatile, allowing you to use them with or without the Anti-Colic vent. Have peace of mind knowing that your baby's feeding experience emulates the natural breastfeeding motion. Trust the clinically proven design to deliver maximum comfort and enjoyment for both you and your child.

Sterifeed Feeding Bottle X 10 Sterile - 250ml + 10 Standard Teats – Breast feeding Series

Dublin Hospitals use Sterifeed teats for both newborns and older infants. The teats that fit these bottles are compatible with the 70ml and 90ml Ready to use milks as well as the Canpol 250ml bottles. These bottles can also be used with NUK's Yellow Neck SMA Teats and Cow & Gate Standard Teats.
This versatility provides alternatives for feeding infants at various stages, supporting a variety of preferences and demands. The inter-changability of these teats with the bottles from other manufacturers can be very useful to the lactating mother.

Nurturing Your Baby's Growth with Our Exceptional Baby Bottles

We understand that safety is critical, so all of our bottles are manufactured from high-quality, BPA-free materials that are completely safe for your baby. We also feel that feeding time should be a pleasant and relaxing experience for both parents and babies. From ergonomic designs that fit easily in your hand to broad necks that make filling and cleaning simple and teat shapes that suit the individual baby, every element is carefully tailored to improve the feeding experience.

All of our re-usable baby bottles are dishwasher-safe and only have a few components so they are simple to disassemble and clean by hand. Our bottles also work with most bottle warmers and sterilisers, allowing you to heat and clean them fast and efficiently. This makes feeding time easier, especially if you're on the run or dealing with a fussy infant.