Wound Dressings

Treat your wounds from minor cuts to large injuries with our wound dressing products available at Roches Chemist and Online Pharmacy Ireland

At Roches Chemist, you can have compression and tubular bandages of all sizes to aid wound healing and speed up the wound healing process. Whether it be a gauze dressing you need or just some bandages, we have it all.


Check out a wide range of Foam Wound Dressing, Absorbent Wound Dressing, Silicone Foam Wound Dressing, Honey Wound Dressing, suitable for a wide variety of uses such as burns, cleaning wounds or as a spray dressing over a wound.

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Different Wound Dressings Ireland

At Roches chemist, you can check and explore a wide range of bandages, Wound care products, wound sprays, for every size and type. 

Wound dressings products are used for protecting the wound from infection and contamination. These products play a very vital role in the healing process. 

Wound care and dressings protect wounds from infection and contamination while promoting healing. They are designed to be in direct contact with the wound serving as a barrier between the wound environment and the surroundings. Wound dressings absorb exudate, stop bleeding and ease the pain. 

Types Of Wound Dressings - 

Absorbent Foam Wound Dressing - 

Polyurethane foam dressings with an adhesive border which is put directly over the wound.Used to absorb moderate to heavy wounds and to protect areas of delicate fragile skin, particularly in the elderly. 

Wound Dressing for Infected Wounds -

Multi-layered barrier dressing for wound management containing antimicrobial silver between a low adherent mesh. Designed to be used in infected wounds which need a dressing that is easy and painless to remove.

Silicone Foam Wound Dressing - 

Silicone Foam wound dressing with no adhesive border to keep it in place, used to absorb discharges from infected wounds Particularly suitable for delicate/broken skin as it is easy to remove without pain or damaging healing skin.

Buy Wound Dressings Online 

At Roches Chemist online store you can have a wide range of wound dressings products that are available at the best price for all of our customers. We have a wide wound dressing products portfolio for wound care dressings including different Wound dressings like foam wound dressing online Ireland, silicone wound dressing online Ireland, etc. Buy wound dressing products at www.rocheschemist.ie

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