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We stock a variety of 'Smells like ...' perfumes as well as a selection of retro perfumes and scents.

The smells like .... ranges are not the original brands - They are not made by the branded manufacturer but they are high quality imitations made by professional perfumers

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    Lace Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml Tweed Parfum de Toilette Spray 100ml
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Roche's Chemist- Let Your Fragrance Be the Unforgettable Signature

Perfumes have an important role in many facets of human existence, including personal well-being and social connections. We offer a wide range of perfumes, including a unique variety of retro aromas that inspire nostalgia and timeless charm. It's worth noting that our perfume collection contains alternatives to the original brands; these are not duplicates made by the original company but rather high-quality imitations created by competent and professional perfumers. Roches Chemist is a one-stop destination for purchasing perfumes online in Ireland.


The perfumes in our collection demonstrate a commitment to excellence and quality. Crafted by professional perfumers, they exemplify the artistry of fragrance production, with notes meticulously blended to generate aromas that closely resemble popular and legendary originals. These alternatives capture the essence and attraction of the original perfumes, allowing clients to enjoy luxury aromas without paying a premium price. Explore a myriad of captivating fragrances with convenient perfumes online. Our perfume assortment, including replica scents, allows people to enjoy a wide choice of enticing aromas without sacrificing the sensory experience. This affordability factor is consistent with our objective to democratise the perfumery industry, making premium scents more accessible to a wider audience. It's time to enjoy perfume for sale at the best prices.

Our Perfumes Are Silent Storyteller of Your Style Journey

Brut Deodorant Spray Original For Men 200ml

Brut deodorant, created in 1964 by Fabergé and currently owned by Unilever, provides long-lasting protection with a fresh smell. The 1968 budget range was Brut 33, with notable advertisements featuring boxer Henry Cooper and the phrase 'Splash it all over.' It peaked at number one on the charts the year it debuted. Explore a diverse array of enchanting fragrances at our online perfume shop in Ireland. It is the perfect fusion of style and functionality, making it an essential addition to the grooming routine of every man who appreciates a captivating and enduring fragrance.


Blue Stratos Deodorant Body Spray For Men 150ml Edt

It has a fresh and energetic smell. Blue Stratos has a macho aroma and provides excellent deodorant protection, so you'll feel confident all day. The everlasting blend gives freshness, making it an ideal choice for men who value a unique and engaging fragrance experience. Moreover, the convenient spray application makes it simple to use, providing a quick and effective way to stay refreshed.


Jenny Glow Opium Pour Femme 30ml EDP - Inspired By YSL Opium

This scent, created in homage to YSL's Opium, is wonderfully packaged, making it an ideal and elegant gift. Its appearance captures the richness and appeal of Opium. Choose our high-quality perfume for sale, featuring a diverse range of captivating scents. Elevate your fragrance collection with our enticing offerings. People are captivated by the enticing scent of Jenny Glow, expressing admiration and inspiration for this branded perfume. Its allure is so influential that others aspire to replicate the unique and appealing fragrance that sets Jenny Glow apart.

Jenny Glow Lime And Basil 150ml Body Spray - Inspired By Jo Malone Lime, Basil And Mandarin

Enjoy the refreshing allure of Jenny Glow Lime and Basil 150ml Body Spray, inspired by Jo Malone's Lime, Basil, and Mandarin. This energetic blend captivates with citric and herbal undertones reminiscent of the classic Jo Malone fragrance. With this wonderful and reasonably priced alternative, you can heighten your senses.

Some of our other top-notch products include Monaco EDT 55ml - Inspired by Yves St Laurent Paris, Bondage L'Affaire EDP 50ml - Inspired by JP Gaultier, Insane Perfumes 4RM4N1 COD3 M4N for Men 20ml - Inspired by Armani Code Man, Loves Me Not EDT 50ml - Inspired by Daisy by Marc Jacobs etc.

Unleash Your Confidence with Online Perfume Shopping in Ireland

Exquisite Fragrance

Roche's Chemist perfumes offer a great choice of enticing scents, ensuring a wide and excellent fragrance selection. You can browse and choose from our range, finding the ideal aroma that matches your own preferences. Our variety caters to a wide range of preferences, making it simple for everyone to discover a fragrance that complements their own style. Our online perfume shop in Ireland offers the best range of perfumes at an affordable price. 


Long-Lasting Quality

Remain attracted to our perfumes, which are built to last. Each fragrance is precisely created to provide a pleasant olfactory experience that lasts throughout the day. Revel in the continuous and enduring essence, which allows you to enjoy the fascinating aroma from the moment you apply it in the morning to the end of the day. Opt for the convenience of buying perfume online in Ireland. Explore a wide selection, place your order easily, and enjoy swift delivery to your doorstep.


Affordable Luxury

Discover inexpensive luxury with our perfumes, which provide a high-end experience without the premium price. We believe in making sophistication accessible to everyone so you can enjoy the grandeur of our scents without breaking the bank, resulting in an economical yet luxurious sensory encounter. Buy perfume online in Ireland, so you can indulge in a seamless shopping experience with our exquisite range.


High-Quality Ingredients

The ingredients employed in the production of a perfume determine its quality. Our commitment to excellence is shown in our use of high-quality, ethically sourced materials. Every ingredient, from the delicate petals of exotic flowers to the most precious essences collected from natural sources, has been picked for its purity and power. This ensures that each bottle contains the essence of nature's finest, resulting in a perfume that not only smells divine but also embodies the authenticity of its ingredients.


Distinctive Signature Scents

In a market dominated by generic fragrances, our high-quality perfumes stand out for their distinct and one-of-a-kind trademark scents. Each perfume is created with a distinct vision, pulling inspiration from a variety of sources, including art, culture, and nature. This dedication to individuality means that when you wear our perfume, you are not simply following a trend; you are embracing a fragrance that will become an extension of your personality.


Choosing a perfume is an extremely personal experience, and our high-quality perfumes are intended to take that experience to new heights. Discover captivating perfume for sale, each bottle a masterpiece that invites you to indulge in the art of scent. Our perfumes are crafted with precision, filled with quality ingredients, and committed to sustainability, capturing the spirit of luxury and personality. Each bottle, from the first spray to the lingering trail, reveals a narrative of craftsmanship, quality, and individuality. Elevate your scent, leave a lasting impact, and enjoy the voyage with our high-quality perfumes - because you deserve nothing less than the best.