At Roche's Chemists, we have a selection of products for managing currently healing scars and for minimizing the appearance of older, healed, red or raised ( keloid ) scars

The healing of damaged skin can and often does lead to the formation of a scar. This is often only an issue when the scar forms on an area that is cosmetically sensitive such as the face or if there is a long scar, for example after surgery or after a knife wound.

The formation of a scar involves oxidation processes within the healing skin resulting in the familiar appearance of a scar. Vitamin E oil applied directly to the healing ( not the healed) skin can help to permanently minimise the appearance of the final scar. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant which is able to penetrate through the skin and therefore interrupt the scarring process.

For established fully healed scars, there are a small number of specialized silicone wound dressings that can be applied directly onto the scar, left in place for a number of hours and which temporarily, reduce the appearance of the scar.

These wound dressings can be used repeatedly on the same scar to reduce the appearance of both red and raised ( keloid ) scars.

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Enhance Overall Skin Health and Appearance with Roches Chemist

At Roche's Chemists, we understand the necessity of managing scars, whether they are healing or have healed. Scars can be not just physically uncomfortable but can also affect self-esteem, especially if they are in cosmetically sensitive places like the face or are extremely noticeable, such as after surgery or injury. Scar formation is a complex biological process that frequently produces the characteristic scar appearance. However, there are techniques to interfere in this process to reduce the overall look of scars.

Proactive actions for scar treatment can be performed to impact the appearance of scars that are currently healing. One such option is to apply our vitamin E oil straight to the healing skin. Vitamin E is an antioxidant renowned for its ability to permeate the skin and halt the scarring process. Individuals who apply vitamin E oil to their healing skin on a regular basis as the wound is healing may lessen the severity of the scar that results. It's vital to remember that this approach works best when used throughout the healing phase rather than on scars that are already completely healed.

Also, our specialised silicone wound dressings can provide relief and improve the appearance of scars that have already healed. These dressings are intended to be put directly on the scar and left in place for a specific amount of time, usually several hours. During this time, the silicone temporarily diminishes the scar's appearance by flattening and fading its colour. Our silicone dressings are particularly useful since they can be applied repeatedly on the same scar. This implies that people can keep using the dressing over time, progressively lowering the appearance of both red and elevated scars, including keloids. Our silicone dressings provide continuous and tailored treatment, making them a suitable long-term scar management alternative.

Customer happiness is our number one goal, and we're delighted to have received numerous good reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients who have seen real results with our scar treatment solutions. Whether you have old scars, fresh scars, or stretch marks, you can be confident that our products will help you achieve smoother, healthier skin. Our online store provides the greatest scar treatment products, such as gels, oils, and silicone dressings, which are intended to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks while also restoring confidence. We're here to help you achieve smoother, more radiant skin with high-quality formulations, low costs, and excellent customer service.

Accelerates the Healing Process of Scar Fading with Our Exceptional Products

Cica-Care 6cm X 12cm - Scar Reducing Dressing

Introducing Cica-Care, a tailored dressing used to reduce the appearance of elevated (keloid) or red scars after healing. Ideal for scars caused by sharp items, it provides a transient reduction in scar visibility. Simply apply it to the scar and leave it on for a few hours. After removal, you will notice a significant improvement. Cica-Care's reusable design allows for repeated application, resulting in a reduced scar.

Dermatix 15g Silicone Scar Reducing Gel

Introducing our scar reduction gel, which is specifically created to reduce the look of elevated (keloid) or red scars after healing. Ideal for wounds caused by sharp items, it provides brief relief from bright and unpleasant scars. Simply apply the gel to the scar and leave it on for a few hours to see visible results. While the reduction in scar appearance is only temporary, our gel delivers immediate relief and confidence. Trust our scar gel to effectively treat healed scars, resulting in smoother, more pleasant skin.

Silderm Dual Action Scar Gel 15g

Introducing our clinically proven treatment for managing both existing and new hypertrophic (raised) and keloid (red) scars caused by a variety of causes, including surgical operations, trauma, wounds, and burns. Our composition comprises Dimethicone, Alkylmethicone, Cyclicmethicone, and Silicate, all of which have been shown to be effective in scar control. This potent combination works together to soften and flatten scars, minimising their appearance and enhancing skin texture. Trust our carefully developed solution to provide thorough scar care while boosting healing and restoring confidence.

Bio-Oil 60ml - Anti-Oxidant Oil For Minimising Healing Scars And Stretch Marks

Introducing Bio-Oil, a specialised anti-oxidant oil developed to reduce the look of healing scars and stretch marks. This unique ingredient, which contains PurCellin Oil, helps to prevent the chance of stretch marks by enhancing skin flexibility and cell regeneration. Whether you're recovering from surgery, an injury, or pregnancy, Bio-Oil provides focused treatment to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Bio-Oil's lightweight, easily absorbed composition nourishes the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and rejuvenated. Bio-Oil can help you attain smoother, more luminous skin and recover confidence in your look.

Improve the Skin Texture with Our Authentic Scar Treatment

We take pride in providing the best scar treatment online, meeting a wide range of needs, and providing practical solutions for anyone looking to improve the appearance of scars. We recognise that scars can be both a physical and emotional burden, affecting self-esteem and confidence. That's why we've compiled a list of high-quality solutions developed to treat various types of scars and produce obvious results.

One of our most popular products is our scar reduction gel, a clinically proven solution designed to reduce the appearance of elevated (hypertrophic) and red (keloid) scars caused by surgical procedures, trauma, wounds, and burns. At Roche's Chemists, we are committed to offering effective scar management solutions that meet our customers' various demands. Whether you have a healing scar or want to reduce the appearance of an older scar, our selection of products, including vitamin E oil and silicone wound dressings, can help you attain smoother, more confident skin. You can be confident that you're in expert hands as you work toward scar control and improved skin health.