Ovelle Emulsifying Ointment 500g

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Emulsifying Ointment (Ovelle) 500g.

Emulsifying ointment used to treat dryness of the skin, eczema and dermatitis. It can be used as alternative to soap.
It is used to relieve dry, cracked, scaly and itching skin by moisturizing and softening the skin.
Emulsifying ointment can be used as often as needed.
Method One: The Bath Method: Place some Emulsifying Ointment into the warm bath water. During bathing, the skin of the baby will be covered in a thin film of the Emulsifying Ointment.
Method Two: Heat the ointment in the hand and apply thinly to the skin.
If used in the shower, taking note of creamy skin and bath will be, should take care to avoid a fall in the bathroom inside. "Brand" Ovelle is Ireland local skincare brand, excellent reputation, popular Hong Kong and Macao. Very low profile and high quality products, cost is very high.

The brand was founded in 1934, the production of moisturizing cream very mild, suitable for use in infants and children, is a professional manufacturer of creams.
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