Anusol Suppositories 12's for Haemorrhoids ( Piles)

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Anusol Suppositories x 12.


This product is used to treat haemorrhoids that are internal ( as opposed to Anusol cream which treats external haemorrhoids). It provides relief from the haemorrhoid by shrinking it, soothing the itch and thereby relieving the pain and discomfort.


Each Suppository contains: Zinc Oxide 296mg, Bismuth subgallate 59mg, Balsam Peru 49mg and Bismuth Oxide 24mg.


Dose: This product is for rectal use and is not to be taken by mouth. Insert one suppository into the rectum at night, in the morning and after each bowel movement. Not recommended for children.


You can use Anusol if you are pregnant or breast feeding but you should discuss it with your doctor first.
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