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Activa Compression Tights Natural / Neutral - 4 Sizes

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Activa Compression Tights Class 2 Closed Toe Natural / Neutral - 4 Sizes

Please Note: These tights are natural / neutral in colour - NOT Black

Standard Compression Hosiery - 18-24mmHg Support

Provides medium compression and should be used in medium severity varicose veins and mild oedema, including varicosis during pregnancy. Activa® Class 2 hosiery can be used as part of the treatment for and to prevent the occurrence and recurrence of venous leg ulcers

These products should be initiated by an appropriately qualified person and they should either give you the measurements or show you how to do the measurements first thing in the morning

Please Note: For reasons of hygiene - Compression stockings cannot be returned

If your size measurements fall into different size categories for the right and left legs, you may need to decide which leg is more important for compression support and pick the size accordingly.


Size Small Medium Large Ex-Large
A = Hip Up to 107cm 107 to 112cm 112 to 122cm 122 to 132cm
A = Thigh 40.5-53.0cm 43.0 to 55.0cm 48.0 to 60.5cm 53.0 to 66.0cm
B = Calf 30.5-37.5cm 33.0 to 40.0cm 35.5 to 43.0cm 38.0 to 46.0cm
C = Ankle 19.5 to 25.5cm 21.5 to 27.5cm 22.5 to 29.5cm 23.0 to 32.0cm
D = Foot 20.5 to 24.0cm 23.0 to 26.0cm 25.5 to 29.5cm 26.5 to 32.5cm
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